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About the Company

Our Mission

Protection Technologies is dedicated to expanding our position as the recognized leading provider of high quality, reliable protection systems and services.  We will achieve this through a program of increased sales, total quality commitment and unmatched dedication to customer satisfaction, providing value to our customers.

How We Do It

We maintain partnerships with only top tier manufacturers who are the best in their industries, allowing us to design and provide comprehensive and reliable protection systems that do what they are supposed to do when they are needed.  Our customers receive fully engineered system drawings and record documentation of the installed system, including complete testing documentation.  Installations are managed such that our work does not negatively impact your business mission and we provide training for operators and maintenance staff.  Once commissioned, our systems operate reliably for years.  If service is needed, it’s available 24/7 and replacement parts are always in stock.  We employ a dedicated staff who receive on-going training in all of the systems and services we provide.  

Our Customers benefit from an expert level of design and engineering, comprehensive sales support, professional, experienced and reliable technical support, and a staff dedicated to customer service.  

Protection Technologies is located at 2821 Dairy Drive, Ste. 5 Madison, WI 53718.

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