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Service & Monitoring

What is your benefit?

All Protection Technologies Service Agreements provide 24/7 service along with discounted rates for labor and materials

Construction Worker

Inspection & Testing

We provide full system testing inspection services for Fire Alarm and Security Systems. We include documentation providing a 100% functional test of the system. This report is accepted by the State of Wisconsin HFS (Healthcare) Inspectors, as well as local authorities and covers all necessary items of the NFPA 72. System testing can be scheduled in advance and at times to not disrupt daily business.

Call Center


Protection Technologies provides monitoring services for all Fire, Sprinkler, and Security systems.

Our means of monitoring include: Telephone, IP, Cellular, and AES-IntelliNet RF systems. 

AES systems can benefit you by:

  • Removing reoccurring phone line costs

  • Higher reliability and faster transmission than phone systems

  • Fire, Sprinkler, and Security signals can be combined and sent through one device. 

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Service & Monitoring: Careers
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